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Owners and Management Team at Lyons Lumber

Gregg Stevenson, President
Gregg Stevenson is a 4th generation owner of Lyons Lumber with specialties in millwork, windows and doors but also has a vast knowledge in lumber and engineered products.  Gregg has been a student at "Lyons University" all of his life and has worked every position in the company, learning the value of hard work.
His favorite memories of Lyons Lumber are from his younger days watching the mill shop guys, as many as 12 full time employees, construct and repair items.  They even helped him build a go-cart.  
As president of the company, Gregg knows the importance of constantly reviewing the building materials Lyons Lumber carries to ensure our customers have the best lumber and hardware products for the best value in Frankfort and all of central Kentucky.  He continues to study and learn new building products to help our customers have innovative solutions for their needs.  Gregg takes great pride in helping solve our customers issues and providing what they need.
Customer Service, without a doubt, is Gregg's top priority.  His door is always open for you.
Scott Stevenson, Vice President
Scott Stevenson is also a 4th generation owner of Lyons Lumber. One of his earliest memories of Lyons Lumber is pushing a broom for 25 cents an hour. He worked alongside his parents for over 30+ years learning every aspect of the business. He is strongly dedicated to the company's overall success and is willing to do any task necessary for the company, leading by example.  
Scott has a real passion for technology.  He is the driving force that keeps the company current in the ever-changing world of technology. In addition, Scott handles many areas of the company's business, including but not limited to, finances, taxes, human resources, and payroll.
Scott is a hardworking, family man who is highly committed to the customers and employees of Lyons Lumber.  
Shane Belcher, Chief Operating Officer
Shane Belcher has over 30+ years of experience in business management.  After growing up in the building material supply industry and leaving college, he followed in his father's footsteps and began working in the same field. He has held many senior management positions and has been instrumental in developing different divisions, procuring management teams, improving operations and increasing profitability and growth during his tenures.
Shane's specialty is recruiting and team building.  He has excelled at putting together the best teams in many markets, both large and small. His passion is to build companies while maintaining a family environment for both the customer and the employee.  
Shane came to Kentucky because he saw the potential for Lyons Lumber to grow and expand into additional divisions and markets.  He has taken tremendous pride in joining the Lyons management team.