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Authorized Leasing Agent, Dealer & Repair Technicians for Exmark

eXmark Leasing Program
  • Low Monthly Payments - Payments are less than "0%" loan financing on like terms.
  • Budget Certainty - Fixed monthly operating expense. No unexpected charges, products are under warranty*. (*Subject to warranty hour limitations.)
  • Fleet Flexibility - Change/update equipment to meet varying needs every two years. Always run the latest technology, remove risk of obsolescence.
  • Off Balance Sheet Accounting** - May qualify for off-balance sheet treatment; free credit lines for other purposes. (**Please consult your accounting advisor as to the potential accounting implications.)


Lessor: Western Equipment Finance, Inc. (WEF)

  • Type: Stated Purchase Option
  • Equipment: New Exmark Equipment
  • Customers: Commercial Only
  • Minimum Lease Amount: $5,000
  • Term: 24 or 36 months
  • Annual Hour Options: 400, 600, 750 or 1200
  • WEF Customer Application
  • Lease Details and Payment Estimate
  • Seasonal/Skip Payment Option Available - call for details.


  1. Continue Leasing - Same payment, does not reduce purchase price 
  2. Purchase at Stated Purchase Price, based on a percentage of the original sale price
  3. Return Equipment to Lessor


Provided the customer replaces the off-lease equipment with a lease of new Exmark equipment through WEF, the following benefits will apply.

  • Excessive Wear Waiver - Customers incurring charges for excessive wear and tear may have it waived, up to $250, when they lease a new Exmark unit through WEF.
  • Excess Hour Forgiveness - Customers exceeding the maximum hour usage cap during the lease term will have half of the excess hours fee waived when they lease a new Exmark unit through WEF.
  • Hour Saver Credit - Customers returning equipment with actual usage hours from 75 to 350 hours below the maximum hour usage cap will receive a credit of $2 for each hour below the cap to apply toward the cost of a new Exmark unit leased through WEF.


  • Everything must operate as intended
  • Only minor cosmetic damage
  • Batteries in good condition
  • No excessive wear due to lack of maintenance
  • All accessories/attachments properly installed
  • No structural damage
  • Tires 50% tread
  • Fee applies for annual hour coverage
  • Other items apply

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